Welcome to Retro Racing Magazine!

After several years following the Dutch historic raceseries (NK HTGT) and publishing their yearbooks, the idea of Retro Racing Magazine was born.

With the aim of bringing historic motorsport closer to the public. we have enjoyed publishing Retro Racing Magazine online 8 times a year from 2014 to 2018 and collected it for you as a printed yearbook.
Due to circumstances, we have had to concentrate on our work for all the race series and events we work for over the past few years and have not been able to publish magazines as you have come to expect from us.

In 2024, we will revive Retro Racing Magazine. Not in the form we did in the past, but with our own historical motorsport portal.
Where you can start expecting a podcast and youtube in addition to race reports and interviews.
The team is back to full strength with active members around historic motorsport, allowing us to again really take you into this wonderful branch of motorsport.

Hope to see you’all back soon on a racetrack.

Carlo Senten
co-founder and owner Retro Racing Magazine

Carlo Senten

Carlo Senten

editor, reporter, photographer and videographer

Carlo Senten's passion for motorsport started at an early age, for which he travelled as child already with his camera by train from Arnhem to the Zandvoort circuit.
In 2008 he got the chance to photograph from the crash barrier for the YTCC, after which he later got the chance to work for the NKHTGT, Masters Historic Racing and events like the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort and Estoril Classic.

With his company Senten-Images, Carlo Senten is not only active in historic motorsport.
Working backstage for ITV TV programmes has also made him focus more on video and drone film and video in recent years.

Ignatius de Bakker

Ignatius de Bakker

editor and team advisor

Ignatius de Bakker has years of experience in the communications industry and is now active for the YTCC racing organisation in addition to being retired.

From a young age, he has been crazy about cars. His favourite make is Matra; he himself owned a Djet for over 17 years. From 1986 to 2013, he wrote for Het Automobiel, mainly about sporty classic cars, with a preference for unknown makes and types. Enjoys working behind the scenes, speaks fluent French, German and English and knows how to find information everywhere. Is a walking encyclopaedia of car history and likes to share his knowledge with our readers

Henry Soenarko

Henry Soenarko

Co founder, not active trackside anymore

Henry Soenarko is DTP'er at advertising and communication agency LMP Communicatiestrategie & Creatie in The Hague.

Was fascinated by the black/gold-coloured John Player Special Lotus. Ronnie Peterson was his idol at the time. In his youth, he would crawl - armed with his Kodak Hawkeye - under the fences of Circuit Zandvoort and stroll through the pit lane amidst the F1 drivers as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world. Later, photography took on more serious forms when he started shooting for the SL Racing team at the Toyota Yaris and the SEAT cup. Got in touch with Ignatius de Bakker and has been a fan of historic motorsport ever since.

Jan-Bart Broertjes

Jan-Bart Broertjes


Jan-Bart Broertjes is a copywriter and policy advisor. He works a lot for the government, especially in the field of water and sustainable development, but prefers to write stories about historic cars and motorsport. He writes race reports for the Super Sixties by NK HTGT, newsletters for the HARC, is an editorial board member of the magazine Klassiek&Techniek, freelances for magazines and websites and writes books under the name Autografie.com.

From the moment he could cycle, Jan-Bart visited the Zandvoort circuit. In the mid-1980s, he got involved in the development of the transponder. Until 2014, Jan-Bart devoted all his spare time to timekeeping at Zandvoort. Nowadays, he is no longer in the tower, but you can find him in the paddock, or somewhere along the track to follow the race.